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The brain is the nerve-centre that processes all information coming in through our eyes, ears and other senses. It filters, sorts and stores. It decides what we pay attention to and what we ignore. It makes connections between what we already know and new concepts. It is central to understanding, memory recall, creative output, physical ability, behaviour and emotions. It understands language and directs our speech. It controls our body, actions and reactions. By activating our brain in the right way, we can boost learning and developmental progress, hence our motto “Change your Mind - Live your Life”.

Sensory Activation Solutions, or SAS for short, has created innovative neuro-sensory brain training programmes that aim to make better connections and strengthen specialised processing in the brain. This can enhance attention, speech development, reading and writing and attainment at school or at work. We see many clients with conditions such as Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder, Dyslexia, Auditory Processing Disorders and Autism. Long term benefits can include improvements in motor skills, behaviour, social skills, emotional well-being, confidence and self-worth.

The methodology is based on the latest neuro-scientific findings and is being researched in a number of countries around the world. The programmes are highly sophisticated and each course is personally designed around the needs and abilities of the client. Taking an SAS neuro-sensory course is really easy as it does not require attention, following instructions or physical exercises and is therefore suitable for clients of all ages and abilities. By simply listening every day for a few weeks to the specially processed music, language and tones through a pair of headphones the brain gets a healthy processing work-out.

The SAS methodology is offered through SAS Centres, Practitioners and SAS At Home courses in Australia and New Zealand, the U.K., Turkey and Internationally - please click on the country name to go to their dedicated websites.