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Frequently Asked Questions (SAS At Home)

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Q1. What conditions are the SAS At Home courses suitable for ?

We will design an individual course for you, tailored to the age, condition and needs as indicated by you in the client questionnaire. This allows us to offer you a person specific course that can help with a diverse range of conditions, such as Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity, Dyslexia, Speech Development, Asperger's Syndrome, Autism, Down's Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. This does, however, limit the use of each individual SAS At Home course to the person it specifically was designed for.

Q2. What is the science behind the SAS Methodology ?

The SAS method explainedView a 4 minute explanation of the SAS Methodology by clicking the button. To fully appreciate our approach, listen through headphones or earphones to this recording. Learn more about our methodology and receive a complimentary sample programme by completing this short Free Sample Request.

Q3. What is the difference between SAS Auditory Activation and the Tomatis or AIT (Berard) methods ?

The Tomatis method and Auditory Integration Training (AIT) were developed many years ago and have proven their worth over the years. The SAS methodology uses modern computer technology and is based on a new understanding of how the brain processes information, which allows for a much wider range of auditory activation to be used. Although similar in approach, the SAS methodology is able to match and activate the clients 'state of mind' to a much greater degree and also provides speech and language activation through the uniques SAS language programmes.

Father and daughterQ4. How should I choose between the three SAS At Home courses ?

We offer three different SAS At Home course packages to enable as many people as possible to access this exciting new method. The Starter Course is a very cost-effective way for those on a limited budget. It will help to boost understanding, memory and general learning ability. The Extended Course and the Advanced Course both offer more personalisation of the programmes and will help improve inter-hemispheric synchronisation and sensory integration, plus language based conditions, such as Dyslexia and Speech Development. The Advanced Course is the ultimate choice offering 24 personalised half-hour programmes for maximum effectiveness. We will recommend which course is most suitable for you after receiving the Client Questionnaire. Please note that the language programmes are currently only available in English.

Q5. How do I apply the SAS At Home course ?

You can play the SAS At Home programmes through any computer, smart phone or media player capable of reproducing stereo MP3 files. You will also require a pair of stereo headphones, ideally a full-sized model that cover the ears well. You will receive a clear protocol showing you in which follow-order to play the provided programmes. You will need to allow at least one hour each day for three to four weeks to complete the whole course. You can split the one hour a day into two sessions of half-an-hour each, or have a single one hour session if you wish. Full details are provided in the instruction manual.

Q6. I am worried that my child does not want to wear headphones.

Some children do not like the physical sensation of wearing headphones. This is not unusual and we encounter this often at our Centres. We have found that most children get used to it within the first hour, but it may require some determination. Allow your child to take the headphones off, but then put them back on again, firmly, but with love and a smile. If this really doesn't work, then play the programmes while they are asleep - this works equally well.

Q7. What results can I expect and how fast ?

The non-invasive and safe techniques used in the SAS At Home courses can be very effective in triggering changes, but every person is unique and at a different developmental stage in their life and results will therefore vary from person to person. Sometimes improvements can be observed during the first few weeks, whilst for others changes may be more subtle and take longer. Improvements in inter-hemispheric synchronisation, sensory integration or language processing may take several months before they express themselves in changes in behaviour or ability. If required you can repeat the course after one month - details are provided in the instruction manual. See also our Client Comments and SAS Statistics pages for client feedback details.

Q8. Are these programmes the same as used at SAS Centres ?

The SAS At Home programmes have been specially designed for playback through consumer MP3 players and are provided as half-hour sessions, allowing you more flexibility to apply the programme over one or two sessions each day. SAS Centres and Practitioners use dedicated professional equipment and provide programmes structured for 60 or 90 minute sessions. Both types of programmes, however, employ the same techniques and results will be very similar if applied in a structured and consistent manner, as described in the instruction manual. SAS Centres offer full assessments and additional services to enhance the neuro-sensory programmes and will be able to adjust the programmes during the course.

Q9. How personalised are the SAS At Home courses ?

One of our experienced SAS Practitioners will personally review the information provided by you and will then select the most appropriate recordings from a library of no less than 1368 half-hour programmes. We will then provide you with our recommendations of how to sequence these programmes to best effect over 18, 21, 24 or 28 days. This highly personalised and effective approach is, to our knowledge, totally unique.

Q10. What is the ordering procedure ?

Your first step is to complete the Client Questionnaire. Based on the information provided we will recommend the most suitable SAS At Home course. You will receive our recommendations and payment instructions by email within a few days of completing the questionnaire. Upon receipt of your payment we will design and prepare your personalised course. We will then send you the download links for your personalised course and the instruction manual by email. The SAS At Home programmes are in MP3 format and the instruction manual in Adobe Reader PDF format. You are now ready to start your personalised SAS At Home course.

To receive a SAS At Home recommendation, or to order your personalised course, please follow these three simple steps:

  1. Complete the on-line Client Questionnaire by following this On-line Client Questionnaire link - you are under no obligation to purchase at this stage.
  2. Receive our recommendation of the most suitable SAS At Home course together with further information on our methodology. You will also receive payment information so you can order if you wish to do so.
  3. Order your SAS At Home course and one of our experienced SAS Practitioners will personally design an individual course specifically tailored to the age, condition and needs as indicated by you. Within a few days you will receive the download links for your personalised programmes and instruction manual. You are now ready to start your SAS At Home course.